Why Skype Room Systems are the Next Big Thing in Video Conferencing


What is a Skype Room System?

A Skype Room System is a video conferencing solution that extends the Skype for Business Universal Communications platform to the conference room. It is a room system solution that enables organizations to leverage investments in Communications and Collaboration platforms and make use of it in video conference rooms. Skype room systems allow for video and audio communication and group content collaboration.

Why Skype Room Systems are the next big thing for Video Conferencing

Skype Room Systems are powered by Microsoft’s Skype for Business platform, the recent rebrand and refresh of the market leading Unified Communications solution, Microsoft Lync. Skype for Business comes in an on-premises or cloud offering. There is no hardware MCU or gateways, video conferencing server and service already part of the platform. Skype for Business has a clean and simple desktop client, and works across mobile devices as well. It keeps people connected anytime and anywhere. And now is the time, they finally come to the conference room. Not only does Skype for Business make video conferencing roll-out more efficient and cost-effective for organizations, it also helps create a unified experience for one platform of true collaboration across desktop, mobile, and conference room. Unifying a single user experience that extends anywhere in or out of the organization.

Why you should care about Skype Room Systems

If you have been using Microsoft Lync and in the process of upgrading to Skype for Business, or if you are about to roll out Skype for Business for your organization, there is no better time to start thinking about the kind of experience you want to enable for your users when they enter the meeting room. You might be using legacy systems that do not interop with Skype for Business, or will need a media gateway to achieve this interop and it will not get the best user experience, or you are thinking about a DIY system that will only add headaches, IT overheads and a bad user experience.

Think about maintaining the same familiar user experience for your end users when they walk into the meeting room. Think about the valuable amount of time you can save them by not having to deal with PC setup, account login, devices, cables, and all those things. Enable them to walk into the meeting room and instantly meet with their peers and focus more on accomplishing their goals and results. A Skype Room System for your rooms will be as transformational as Lync is to your employees.

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