Dispatch Technicians Faster with SMS

Industries like Financial Services, Retail, Aviation, and Food and Beverage have distributed local, regional and international assets that constantly require service, support, and maintenance like refilling vending machines, reloading ATMs, and in-home customer installations. The process begins with a customer request or system-automated alert and ends with dispatching a technician. The wide variety of core systems used by enterprises in silos, creates an urgent need to bridge the communication gap between systems and human resources.

SMS today, remains the fastest and most ubiquitous communication channel, that is perfectly suited to communicate relevant information to technicians, without the need for a specific phone make or model, operating system or mobile internet plan.

The Cequens Communication Platform easily integrates with a wide variety of enterprise applications and systems to pull relevant information, compile the message, and terminate as an SMS to technician mobile phones. Our CPaaS platform supports integration with several on-premises or cloud systems.


Industry use cases

Food and Beverage: dispatch technicians to refill vending machines,
Financial Services: alerts of low cash levels to reload ATMs
Internet and Cable Service Providers: dispatch technicians for in-home installations and service requests


Integration with our Communication Platform

There are two ways of integrating with our Communication Platform, the first method uses a push technique where a custom add-on module is created within the client system that generates the message when a certain system event is triggered. This module then sends the SMS using Cequens RESTful APIs. Alternatively, and depending on the core system, a pull method may be used where the Cequens EDGE Agent is deployed on client premises that listens to system queues and/or databases, pulls relevant data, compiles the message using predefined templates, and sends the SMS.

Examples of supported systems include:

  • CRM applications like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Seibel, SAP, IBM, and Zoho
  • Monitoring and alerting systems
  • Helpdesk, support and ticketing systems like Jira ServiceDesk, Zendesk, FreshDesk, desk.com
  • Core banking systems


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