Generate More Sales and Revenue with SMS

More retailers and sellers are turning to e-commerce to generate sales from worldwide customers that were otherwise unreachable. Traditionally shops relied on store walk-ins for completing sales. Some offered complimentary channels like telephone and mail orders, yet walk-ins remained the number one source of sales for most shops. In today’s world, retailers without online presence are missing out on great revenue potential, as customers are no longer restricted to geographic locations or other demographics. Harnessing the power of the internet is becoming critical to the success of any retail business as keeping everyone informed and up to date is not only a mere benefit anymore but an absolute necessity.

With the rapid growth in e-commerce some challenges arose, primarily with the building blocks of a successful sale. For example, orders maybe successfully placed without final payment confirmation, which may be declined by financial institutions, however the customer already completed the order and is unaware of such deal breaker. Another example is when more than one customer proceeds with ordering the last item in stock. Both customers might consider the sale complete, but the merchant must then notify at least one of them that this item is no longer available. Such experiences negatively impact both the customers and the seller, and if a customer encounters such incidents chances are they unlikely to buy from the same seller. This is where SMS can help.

For example, the online store can interact with the customer in real time to communicate critical information. In case of payment issues, the customer may be informed that their card was declined on the spot so they can use another card or payment method. Or receive a reminder that their desired item is no longer in-stock, with options to re-order when available again. This may also come in handy when customers fill their shopping carts but forget to check-out and complete their order. Ultimately SMS can help both buyers and sellers stay informed on the fly and keep track of all timely details without waiting for snail mail or searching through hundreds of e-mails, and all that with only a fraction of the cost.

Industry use cases

  • Transaction confirmation
  • Order tracking
  • Shipping alerts


Integration with 3rd party systems is a breeze with our powerful APIs. Some of our clients integrated their systems with Cequens to send and receive SMS from the following e-commerce platforms:

  • OScommerce
  • SalesForce
  • X-Cart
  • Shopify
  • Magento


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