Send Booking Confirmations and Appointment Reminders with SMS

booking-reminders3In today’s business world, productivity is of utmost importance regardless of industry vertical or clients served. Since every minute counts, all businesses are continuously seeking to automate redundant tasks and resolve bottlenecks to keep their workforce focused on core tasks with little to no interruptions, generating the most value for their dedicated time and effort.

As face to face meetings are also necessary, they still bring up their own set of challenges such as wasted productivity when no-shows occur, or when people arrive unprepared, or when administration staff are constantly going in circles trying to confirm meetings and provide mission critical updates to everyone involved.

Those challenges negatively affect team productivity, cost time and money, in addition to causing nuisances and inconvenience to all parties affected. With a simple work-around, SMS can eliminate these challenges and help team members use their time wisely.

Automated systems can now interact with meeting organizers, hosts and attendees so that meeting can be booked using traditional tools with the addition of an instant notification and confirmation layer over SMS. For example, when a meeting is organized, attendees receive an SMS to advise them and request their confirmation. Whereby attendees can reply to confirm instantly. This is also handy when meeting times or locations change abruptly with limited time to inform attendees via traditional means.

Attendees can receive timely reminds so they can plan their meetings without looking up their calendars all the time. Attendees can also cancel in unforeseen situations and emergencies instead of calling back and forth to reach the right person who can make the necessary changes. SMS can be configured to resolve communication issues as listed in the following use cases:

Industry use cases

  • Appointment confirmation
  • Appointment reminders
  • Meeting alerts
  • Cancellation requests
  • Access instructions


Integration with 3rd party systems is a breeze with our powerful APIs. Some of our clients integrated their systems with Cequens to send and receive SMS from the following productivity tools such as:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Google Calendar
  • Apple iCalendar


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