Send Critical IT and System Alerts with SMS

As we continue to rely on technology in our everyday lives, most of us are oblivious to the infinite time, effort and resources dedicated to deploying and maintaining the infrastructures necessary to serve our growing needs. With millions of IT professionals spanning thousands of organizations worldwide, keeping track of all teams, systems and tools is no walk in the park.

IT departments and teams are constantly on the lookout for tools that help them serve their colleagues and clients more quickly and effectively. In the past, IT teams have relied on email and more recently switched to automated ticketing systems, yet even such systems still rely on email as well for ticket tracking, task scheduling, etc.

Today’s teams are roaming most of the time so repeatedly checking a bunch of cluttered email folders doesn’t really help, especially when accessing such mailboxes using mobile devices. Fortunately, SMS can drastically improve service on many levels including issue alerts, reachability and response times. Instead of team members repeatedly stopping by their help desks or terminals to check, open and close service requests. With SMS, the teams can do all that on the go and even between visits, saving a lot of time and effort that they can dedicate to their core activities. Additionally, high priority communications can skip the queue as needed, insuring that critical issues are resolved first, which in turn has a positive effect on productivity levels across the entire organization and not just the team.

With advanced API integration, teams can even realize more value by enabling 2-way messaging, so they can engage each other as well as their clients, by extending an instant messaging layer over SMS for quick follow-ups that do not require an email trail, such as communicating ETAs, quick tips, confidential information like access codes and passwords, etc.

Relevant use cases

  • Service requests
  • System alerts
  • Task reminders
  • Critical warnings


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